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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

After you have spent all the time and money on your Landscape, now you have to do a little upkeep. There is much more to landscape maintenance than mowing the yard, there is pruning, tree care, fertilization, edging, trimming, mulching, and the all dreaded weed pulling from mulch areas. Harris and Company can provide all these services and more to you. Let us design a maintenance program for you so you can go back to using your free time. Harris and Company has full staff of dedicated employees willing and ready to service your property.

Our maintenance team is a talented and experienced force that takes great pride in every property they visit. Whether your property is commercial or residential you can be sure that Harris & Co. will provide you with the best landscape service available.

Our focus: How can we present our clients property to the world so that it makes the owner proud - so that it's neat, clean and manicured - so that it contributes to a worry free and healthy environment - so that its best attributes are highlighted and its worst flaws are hidden!

We answer these questions by not only providing reliable general lawn and landscape maintenance services but consistently evaluating your property for opportunities to improve. We take great price in our ability to address's potential issues before they become problems and in providing prompt solutions and ideas to enhance your property.

Harris & Co. clients enjoy a level of communication and service that builds lasting relationships. Contact us today ... we'd love to get to know you!

Lawn Maintenance

  • Annual Lawn Maintenance Contracts
  • One-time Lawn Maintenance (Seasonal Maintenance)
  • Irrigation Equipment Repair
  • Irrigation Line Replacement or Additions
  • Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Quarterly Chemical Applications
  • Weeding, Land Prep and Mulch/Straw Installation
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